Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Keeping it short and sweet, this idea for just the eggs was stolen fair and square off of Pinterest, but I happened upon these cute, little egg cups, and I decided to take it one step farther. Any deviled egg recipe will do to fill these, and all you need are some tiny carrot triangles for the beaks and some tiny olive pieces for eyes. I found the cups at Amazon for about $20.00 and found that they worked perfectly for this. I think they really add a lot to the concept.

I think she's winking!

I think she’s winking!

Enjoy your day and the best of the season! Whatever you are celebrating, Happy Spring!



More Signs of Spring

We may be getting lots of rain, and I have to remind myself how usual that is for the month of March. Still, when I can sneak out for an hour or two, I see more good signs of my favorite season. Looking forward to drier days.

I know not everyone is seeing it yet, but there subtle signs that the season will be changing soon. Certain things come into bloom, longer days, and shifts of light. While I don’t really enjoy the intense heat of Summer, Spring is a season of hope. Here are some signs that I’ve seen over the past few weeks.